Monday, July 30, 2012

Distressed Sign

I have SOOO many fun little projects that I have done recently, and can't wait to update with all of them! I'll start with this cute sign I made for a picture gallery wall I'm doing in our living room.
I got really lucky with the materials for this one! Alax and I were at Lowe's having some dowels cut for our windows, and the man in front of us was getting some wood cut, and didn't want his scraps, so I saved them from the trash can :) Then I painted it 4 different colors...I started with turquoise, then white, black ,and topped it off with a couple coats of french vanilla.  Then came the VERY time consuming part because I don't have any fancy way of doing lettering. I don't even have ink in my printer right now, so I typed up the letters and traced them onto a piece of paper straight from the computer. lol Then I used this awesome technique to transfer the letters onto the board, and then hand painted the letters!! After it all dried, I took my hand sander to it and distressed the heck out of it.

I love how the turquoise shows through on the sides and corners. 

As soon as I put up the picture gallery, I'll post a picture of it all together! 


  1. I love all your projects, especially your sign!
    Very impressive!

  2. this is so unique (new york) and lovely. you really have a nice finished project here...and i lol'd when you explained the printer situation. way cool!
    Tyler and i are catching up on your blog together. :)