Saturday, February 4, 2012

M's Room

Like I said I would, I've started collecting things for Marlee's room!! I made a framed chalkboard and found the cutest frame thingy (real technical right??) at Michael's for only a dollar after I used this awesome coupon!! Today is the last day to use the coupon so hurry over to Michael's! I took my husband and got $10 worth of free stuff!! Here are the things I've been doing!!

My mom bought this awesome frame from my Aunt who owns a great second hand store in
Murray. It was $3.00! It had fabric in the frame and cork board behind it, so i just flipped it around and painted the cardboard that was on the back with the chalkboard paint!! It's heavy duty cardboard, or else I probably wouldn't have used it, because of how easy it would be to put an indent in it...


(sorry for the really horrid pictures...Once Marlee's room is all put together, I'll take better ones)

Chalkboard Spray Paint: Black

I used Krylon spray chalkboard paint. It was awesome!!! Best part?? It took all of 3 minutes to paint it..

This is the frame I got at Michael's. I love the shape of it!! I just used some cheap acrylic craft paint to paint it white

The frame is poster probably can't tell from the picture. It's 11x14. At first I was thinking about putting a picture of Marlee in it and hanging it in her room, but then I remembered something I had pinned on Pinterest that would work perfectly in her room!!!

you can download this print here!!

Anyway, that's what I've been working on!! Have a great weekend!!