Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was at Michaels today looking around and found this cute white letter with a hook in the clearance rack for $.50! It was kind of boring, so i grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper while i was there and spruced it up a bit!!


i painted the front with mod podge

I placed the paper on top

sanded off the edges

And, the final product!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I made this a while ago, but thought that i would add it on here! I've seen these washer necklaces all over and decided to make my own! I borrowed my mom's letter stamps and came up with this!!

AMA - Alax (my husband) Marlee (my daughter) and Alyssa (ME)
I was later informed that this is also an acronym for American Medical Association...hmm..maybe i'll make a new one :)


After knitting the ear warmers, i really wanted to knit some cute flowers for my daughter, so yet again, i found a video on youtube, and came up with this!! It was super easy. All you need to know is how to knit, purl, and cast off. Really simple!

I used the same yarn and button as the ear warmer. Now we match :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is how far i have come...this took me a loooong time..So, check back in a few months and you might see the final product! no, but seriously, this is going to take a while. I had no idea how much work is involved..BUT, i am committed and will get it done!! Stay tuned!!


I found this faux curled rosewood wreath made of recycled book pages and fell in love! This will be my next project!!

here's a LINK to the blog i got it from! There are other really cute things too!


I finished the second ear warmer and took pictures of both, so here they are!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Don't mind the horrid picture, but this is what i came up with.

It looks okay on me, but it's a little bulky.. I bought some thinner yarn and started working on it tonight, so I will post the results soon!


I know that winter is coming to a close, but I am mildly obsessed with the super cute crocheted/knit ear warmers that you see everywhere. My sister and I were at Tai Pan the other day, and saw an assortment of them, and we fell in love. My sister asked a friend to show us how we could make one, and not two days later there we were....sitting on my living room floor, crochet hooks in hand....clueless. I had never crocheted a thing in my life, and needless to say, we were stumped. So, after my sister left, i got out some old (but never used) knitting needles, found a youtube video, and learned the basics.

No, i did not make this :(

This is what i would like to eventually be able to do, but youtube can only get you so far...So, i decided to try for something that looked a little simpler.

nope, not this one either :(

So, this looks doable. I think i can come up with something that looks fairly similar. Wish me luck!!


I'm Alyssa! I'm a wife, a mom, an avid reader, a lover of all things chocolate and a facebook junkie...I'm a lot of things, but i am not a crafter. I would like to be though, and that is why i started this blog! Not to say I'm not good at crafts, I just never really had the time until now. My husband and I recently moved from California to Utah and it gave me the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter. Going from working full time to staying home has been great, and i love spending more time with my daughter, but at times can be...boring. When the dishes are done, the rooms are vacuumed, the baby is down for a nap, what do i do?? Up until now i have been blog stalking and finding the CUTEST things that i would love to make. So i'm doing it! I'm hoping to try out new recipes, do some cake decorating, jewelry making, and other fun projects! We'll see how it goes, but i think it's safe to say that i have CAUGHT THE CRAFT BUG!!