Friday, May 27, 2011


So, i saw this a while ago but never got around to trying it..but I was super bored tonight and decided to go for it, and it was soooo easy!! It only took me like 10 minutes to do. I've always like vinyl wall art but never wanted to spend the money on it... :) This is an awesome (and cheaper) alternative! I used this video tutorial!!

I made this "M" for Marlee's door. I just printed out a big "M" and traced that onto the paper. It kinda looks like i cut it out crooked, but that's just how the font made it :)
Maybe I'll Do some cute flowers with the scraps that i have left...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sooo, I experimented with fondant today and made my first rose!! I think it turned out okay!! I watched this video and used this recipe. It was really fun, and easy!!


My daughter is turning one!!! In two months...BUT i am so excited I've already started planning her party :) AND, I've been wanting to work with fondant more, so I've been looking for cute cake ideas. I know this is kinda ridiculous considering she isn't going to remember any of this, but I can't help it...

This is the cake that I am using for my inspiration :) The one I want to make isn't going to be two tiered, but I love the rose and the butterfly's. I've only made one fondant cake in my life so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out hideous, but I'm going to try!!

I'm also going to make cupcakes like this :) THIS should be the easy one!!