Saturday, May 14, 2011


My daughter is turning one!!! In two months...BUT i am so excited I've already started planning her party :) AND, I've been wanting to work with fondant more, so I've been looking for cute cake ideas. I know this is kinda ridiculous considering she isn't going to remember any of this, but I can't help it...

This is the cake that I am using for my inspiration :) The one I want to make isn't going to be two tiered, but I love the rose and the butterfly's. I've only made one fondant cake in my life so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out hideous, but I'm going to try!!

I'm also going to make cupcakes like this :) THIS should be the easy one!!

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  1. These are SOOOOO pretty! Yours will be even prettier, I'm sure!!!!