Friday, May 27, 2011


So, i saw this a while ago but never got around to trying it..but I was super bored tonight and decided to go for it, and it was soooo easy!! It only took me like 10 minutes to do. I've always like vinyl wall art but never wanted to spend the money on it... :) This is an awesome (and cheaper) alternative! I used this video tutorial!!

I made this "M" for Marlee's door. I just printed out a big "M" and traced that onto the paper. It kinda looks like i cut it out crooked, but that's just how the font made it :)
Maybe I'll Do some cute flowers with the scraps that i have left...


  1. I LOVE this!!! Oh, the possibilities! The tutorial is great. Now I'll be looking at fabric differently. I may try something fun in my apartment when I get back to Virginia!!!

  2. ya, and you could do such cute stuff with the cricut too!!

  3. Wish I was as creative with my free time. Love your blog!